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Are your finances,
hampering your growth?

The complexity of accounting, tax and reporting processes, implementation of IFRSs/IASs, formalities, and frequent legal developments pose a significant challenge, even for seasoned accountants. Efficient finance management is not only about book-keeping, but also about controlling, management accounting and general business experience.

Do the following examples sound familiar?

My current accountant fails to keep up with the growth of my business

Your accountant is diligent and thorough, she has always been ready to work long hours when needed. She’s been working for you for years. In the meantime, your business has grown in size several times. Increasingly often, you need to take quick and serious decisions. You desperately need a partner who has a business perspective of your finances. You’re aware of the risks at play. Perhaps it's time to talk about it seriously?

A never ending story

Another vacancy in HR, another chief accountant, anxiety before an audit, you feel it’s never going to end. Is this the right climate in which to focus on your IPO vision? You don’t want your problems to snowball. You stall your decision for another year, as you can see a disaster looming. Perhaps it's time to ask for an alternative?

Assuring continuity and quality

Your CFO has retired after 30 years. Your accounting team is slowly disintegrating. You don’t have enough time to properly engage in the recruitment process. You’re exhausted by the ongoing issues related to product development and customer acquisition. You’d like to automate your accounting function and implement controlling elements in the company. The wrong choice can have very serious implications. Think of an alternative. Select professional outsourcing.

Legal developments

Understanding the intricacies of new regulations that are sometimes very difficult to interpret is the bane of every accountant. Your business is not an accounting firm, and every quarter your accountant comes to you saying: “Boss, we need more manpower!”. But you know it’s not about staff numbers, but about experience, access to reliable sources and getting processes right. Think of an alternative. It will simply pay off!

Boss, I've never worked for a listed company

Although very reliable, your accounting team doesn’t have the competencies necessary to ensure proper service in the new reality. You need experienced specialists who will arrange and manage the reporting processes resulting from your IPO at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and deal with the complexities of IFRSs/IASs.


Finance that keeps pace
with your business

Think of a partner who will keep up with you in any conditions, at any pace and no matter what obstacles appear in the way. Who will give you a hand when you need it. Whether you run a medium-sized manufacturing company or a large commercial company. Whether you’re planning to expand globally or go public. Efficient finances are the basis for both ongoing operations and thinking about the future.
See how you can benefit from working with us.

Accountants with business acumen

Financial and management accounting and cost controlling in one place. Your recipe for minimising both accounting and business risks.

Stabilisation and predictability

No more problems with eternal fire-fighting and catching up, dealing with accounting errors, clearing up mess in analytical accounts or rushing late reports.

Quality from any place

Whether you run your business in Przemyśl, Ełk or Białogard. You have access to professional advisors from anywhere, not only in Poland.

Real efficiency

One specialist operating in a well-designed, integrated, and automated environment can do much more than several others without these capabilities.

Ready for new reality

New regulations? Disinformation? Thanks to our long-standing relationships, cooperation with representatives of the Big Four, institutions such as banks or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, we are able to provide information that you can trust.

Increase the accuracy of your decisions

There are important decisions ahead of you that may affect the future of your business. With us, you can make those decisions consciously, based on facts and recommendations underpinned by reliably collected and aggregated data.

Premium class finance

You feel that your business is gathering momentum and you want to take it to the next level. Makesure you are treading on firm ground, and entrust your financial matters to GROUND FROST.
We guarantee that this will be a good investment!

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You've probably dealt with more than one accounting firm. See below what makes us stand out, what client needs we can respond to. Check out what we do, and what we won’t do.

How can I be sure you’ll be able to handle the stock market reporting requirements on time. I have a bad experience in this regard.

The work of our accounting team is supervised by our experts, members of different professional associations such as ACCA. For years, they have specialised in providing accounting services in keeping with international (IFRS/IAS) and US accounting standards (US GAAP). When developing our team, we place great emphasis on verifying the hard and practical skills necessary to handle complex projects. Our experts work for listed companies such as Gobarto, MCI, Trakcja and many others.

How would you arrange the process of document and information flow between our company and GF?

For years, we’ve been investing in technology and improving solutions to ensure smooth, two-way information exchange. We’ve created from scratch all accounting, document circulation and cash turnover procedures to achieve full automation. All you need to do is to send us scans or electronic versions of documents. This solution enables speedy, automatic posting.

What are your services designed to support key management decisions in the company?

As Ground Frost, we provide services specifically referred to as management accounting. They include allocation of transactions to cost centres and transaction reporting according to stated criteria. At the client's request, we monitor costs vs budget, and support budgeting and financial planning processes. Importantly, with all the necessary data in our own system, we can significantly automate some control processes and provide the management with dashboards that facilitate both operational and strategic decisions.

Do you work with client systems?

Yes. Often our prospective clients wish to keep their current accounting systems. In such cases, our employees receive access to those systems and do their job right in there.

Do you draw up CIT, VAT and PIT declarations?

Obviously we can prepare CIT, VAT and social insurance declarations, and take over all tasks connected with statutory reporting.

How do you prepare month-end closing?

We conduct the month-end close process in communication with the customer in order to determine the proper amounts of provisions, accruals, etc.

Will you update our accounting policies for us?

We develop and monitor the accuracy and validity of accounting policies.

Do you produce various types of reports?

We develop annual financial statements, consolidation packages and management reports.

Our selected projects

These are the type of challenges we have been dealing with on a daily basis for years.The diversity underpinned by repeatability gives us satisfaction and inspires our continued development.Would you like to learn more? Contact us.

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