Nasi klienci


We are an entity authorized to audit financial statements entered on the list of entities authorized to audit financial statements under No. 68.

We perform audits of financial statements (individual, consolidated) - for all entities whose financial statements should be audited by a statutory auditor, whether due to legal requirements; or because of the ownership or contractual requirements. We also offer:

  • Interim reviews;
  • Examination of founders' reports on public contributions relating to non-monetary contributions and valuation of those contributions, accounting and business inquiries;
  • Examining plans for transformations, divisions and business combinations,
  • Research on the implementation of projects financed by the EU;
  • Audits of the use of funds for science (for projects and units);
  • Audit of financial statements based on agreed research procedures.

We conduct audits of financial statements/information in accordance with the Accounting Act or in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Our research is carried out in accordance with:

  • International Standards on Auditing,
  • Professional standards set by the National Council of Statutory Auditors.